The Ultimate Guide to Samsung TV with HDR technology

Many people search the internet to find the definition of a Smart TV. Although different websites might offer different views, the consensus is that Smart TVs are LED TVs that come equipped with internet connectivity and are powered by an operating system. You must have started noticing that the latest Samsung LED TVs or other branded smart TVs have started showing the regular online and TV contents, which are way better than how you’ve previously seen them. Let’s take a closer look at how Samsung LED TVs with HDR technology is making content viewing a more enjoyable experience:

What does the HDR feature mean?

HDR is an acronym for High Dynamic Range. It refers to a method of expressing the details of content even in very light and dark environments.  Samsung LED TVs with HDR provide an enhanced and natural picture quality, even when the contrast levels are high. For instance, when you are watching a ‘dim cave’ scene, smart TVs show the colour and appearance of cave walls and their texture. When viewing a scene that includes an ocean-side ship, individual sunbeams can be visible, regardless of the bright, sunlit background.

How is HDR different from UHD?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology and UHD (Ultra-high Definition) resolution as well as both works together to enhance the picture quality of your  Samsung LED TV. They do this in various ways. UHD resolution (also known as the 4K resolution) is a way of measuring the number of pixels (more pixels result in greater resolutions). On the other hand, HDR is a technique that allows your smart TV to show a broader spectrum of light and dark shades of colour. When combined, UHD (4K) and HDR provide a more precise and realistic image. If you come across these terms while searching for a new Samsung LED TV, Be aware that they’re not competing specifications, so there is no need to select either one or the other.

Different types of HDR

There are several types of HDR standards used by different smart TV manufacturers. However, HDR10 is the one usually offered by smart TV companies. The latest Samsung TVs recently introduced a brand new technology known as HDR10+. The distinction between it and HDR10 is that dynamic metadata is used instead of static metadata. Dynamic HDR technology applies metadata to every picture frame and then provides an improved quality picture compared to static HDR technology.

How to select the best HDR TV

The following factors should be taken into consideration to get one of the most enjoyable HDR experiences on your smart TV:

  • HDR Type- HDR10+ (Dynamic Metadata)
  • Brightness- 1000 nits or above
  • Black- Local Dimming
  • Colour- Colour Volume 100%

How good the bright images can be expressed, and how good the dark content of black can be displayed, and how precisely different colours can be displayed are all very crucial factors. 

Local dimming is a method that controls the backlight behind the screen to create a natural black. These are the main aspects that determine the performance of a Samsung LED TV equipped with HDR.

Nowadays, content producers are enjoying the freedom more than ever before to create top-quality content with 4K+ quality along with HDR. With various devices that let content producers present themselves exactly the way they like and in general, such high-quality content has become more accessible. Additionally, with a variety of services like streaming and Set-top boxes that allow you to access all this latest content from the comfort of your home, all that is left to purchase is a Samsung LED TV or a smart TV with an HDR feature that displays the contents to its maximum potential.

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