What are the Top Uses of Plastic Barrier Chains?

Different color Plastic Chains

When you go golfing with your colleagues or head out on a popular hiking trail, you probably don’t pay much attention to the residential houses around the perimeter. That is, not unless parking is filling up and you need to get creative to find a parking spot. It may feel innocent enough to nab a parking spot just for an hour or so, but many people find themselves on the other side of this dilemma, with a house near enough to a popular site that their own parking lot gets taken by visitors. This can be frustrating.

Plastic Chain Barriers Protect Private Driveways and Lawns

This is, in fact, one kind of scenario that often leads people to plastic barrier chains. One such customer shared that her property is right next to a golf course and golfers would frequently ride their golf carts through her property. Another customer had a cabin in a popular tourist spot and found that people would commonly come onto their lawn without realizing it was a private lawn. The lightweight nature of this plastic barrier chain means it’s very easy to handle when you want to enter property yourself, making it a popular barrier type for private driveways.

Perhaps a less obvious use case for these plastic chains is to protect Halloween decorations. Quite a few plastic chain customers reported using these simple, lightweight chains to surround their yard when they wanted to put up Halloween displays. Not only did it provide a structure to hang from or prop against, but it also provides a visual barrier to dissuade pedestrians from tampering with the decorations inside the perimeter. (Visual barriers are too lightweight to truly impede penetration, but often the visual barrier is all that’s needed to communicate the intent of an area as off-limits.)

Plastic Chain Barriers Help Promote Social Distancing

Plastic Barrier Chains

In 2020 and even 2021, another popular use case for customers buying plastic chains was to block off certain tables, aisles, or seating areas to limit capacity and allow space for social distancing during the ongoing COVID Pandemic.

Multiple customers, for example, purchased the plastic chains to block off church pew aisles so that different families or family groups could have more space between other families seated in other pews. 

And of course, many retail stores, grocery stores, and other shopping centers had to implement barriers for waiting for lines so that they could allow patrons to space themselves out properly within the checkout line. Even stores that might not have needed much line assistance before found that 6 foot spacing requirements made their lines longer, necessitating barriers like plastic chains

Plastic Chain Barriers Block Off Maintenance or Construction Areas

Two of the more common uses for plastic barrier chains are within parking lots or around construction areas. And of course, there are many instances of both situations occurring at the same time. There are many reasons why a parking lot may have restricted areas within it, but one common instance is ongoing construction. These plastic chains are useful for just about any restricted access area, permanent or impermanent.

What Makes Plastic Chain Barriers So Popular?

Because of their lightweight design and ease of use, plastic chains are especially popular for impermanent needs. Here are some other plastic chain features which make them popular choices for visual barriers:

  • Plastic chains are extremely lightweight, making them easy to transport and easy to store.
  • Plastic barrier chains are versatile, made up of plastic links which can easily be cut, replaced, or added to create chains of any length or even more complex barrier patterns. 
  • Plastic chains are easy to set up and use. While plastic barrier chains can be found in kits with plastic posts, they can also easily be wrapped or looped onto any post, hook, or tree branch. 
  • Most plastic chains are designed with UV protective plastic and in a variety of colors so you can accommodate typical safety colors like orange and yellow, or more attractive or subtle colors like black. You can even find plastic chains in gold.
  • At less than a dollar per foot of plastic chain, this is one of the most affordable visual barrier options.

There are so many occasions when a visual barrier is all you need. If you’re like the customers referenced in this post, you may simply need a way to keep strangers off your lawn, or a quick and affordable way to block off parking spots, seating areas, or driveways. In all of these cases, plastic chain barriers are affordable, easy to set up, and can be as visually bold or subtle as you need. Find these plastic chain barriers at Crowd Control Warehouse or any other crowd control supplier.  

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